32 Delicious Soup Recipes That'll Keep You Cozy All Winter Long (2024)

Soup is probably one of the most under-appreciated foods out there. Oftentimes, we disregardsoups' ability to hold their own as entrées, casting them off to the side as pregames to tide us over until the main meals arrive. However, a “good soup” — as Adam Driver would say in Girls — can be fulfilling, delicious, and keep you warm during the winter. You also can’t ignore how easy it is to make a gourmet-looking bowl of soup, whether you’re a new chef or Jeremy Allen White in The Bear.

Yep, if you ask me, soup definitely deserves some space in the main-course spotlight. With so many recipes out there, you could even have soup every day of the week. Since it’s so versatile, you could whip up the TikTok-approved lasagna soup to impress your partner for date night or throw together a vegan chowder for cozy nights at home with Netflix. From healthy soups packed with veggies and pots filled with comfort food classics to substantial stews and bowls brimming with noodles, there are all sorts of insanely tasty recipes to keep you satisfied throughout the season. Below are just 32 of the best winter soup recipes to try first.

1. This Cauliflower And Corn Chowder Only Uses One Pot

You typically find corn chowder on the menu during the summer, but this cauliflower and corn chowder recipe from TikToker @good_food_mood__ is perfect for the winter. It’s hearty and creamy with bacon that adds a savory and smokey flavor. Of course, you can also make a cauliflower chowder without the bacon if you’re a vegetarian.

The best part is this recipe was made for anyone who lives alone, because it only requires one pot to make. Clean up will be simple and easy, which is especially nice when it’s cold out and all you want to do is go back to being wrapped up in a blanket.

2. This Mac ‘N’ Cheese Tomato Soup Is So Nostalgic

For something as cozy as your fave winter sweater, make this mac ‘n’ cheese tomato soup. Inspired by the viral combination of Panera’s mac and cheese with their tomato soup, this recipe from TikToker @justaboutacup combines two nostalgic dishes in one. It’s like a step up from just regular mac and cheese soup with the creamy tomatoes, and will warm you up in no time.

3. This Viral Lasagna Soup Is SZA-Approved

Another pasta dish-inspired recipe is the viral lasagna soup from TikTok. This is the recipe that SZA asked TikToker @dannylovespasta to share, and has over 2.4M likes — so you know it’s good. While this lasagna soup recipe uses ground beef and Italian sausage, you can find vegetarian versions with zucchini, squash, and mushrooms for all your besties to enjoy.

4. This Italian Meatball Minestrone Soup Is Best With Cheesy Bread On The Side

You can’t go wrong with a minestrone soup recipe, but this one from TikToker @oleaofmonemvasia is extra delicious with homemade meatballs added in. This recipe is also served with parmesan ciabatta on the side, which you can enjoy by dipping into your soup. If you’re a big fan of Olive Garden’s minestrone soup, make a dupe and add in some meatballs.

5. This Butternut Squash Lentil Soup Is So Pretty

Butternut squash may have more of an autumn vibe, but you’ll want to take this lentil squash soup recipe with you into the winter. TikToker @eman_inthekitchen suggests topping off your bowl with croutons, parsley, chili flakes, and lemon slices for an Insta-worthy touch. Yummly also has this recipe with walnut croutons that takes this dish up another notch.

6. This Creamy Chicken And Wild Rice Soup Is For When You’re Feeling Under The Weather

Chicken noodle soup has always been a go-to for when you’re sick, but TikToker @livingonlife101 has this recipe for a chicken and wild rice soup that she says is perfect for when you’re not feeling well. It’s a comfort food that will have you all warm and cozy in no time. If you’re a fan of Panera’s chicken and wild rice soup, you could always follow along with a copycat recipe of that dish as well.

7. This Tortellini Soup Is Really Filling

While TikToker @moribyan may believe that “soup doesn’t count as a meal,” she makes an exception for this tortellini soup recipe. This really is a whole meal in one bowl with protein and pasta, but @moribyan also likes to serve this dish with some bread on the side. Toasted bread is a great side, but you can also go all out with a homemade bread bowl.

8. This Split Pea Soup Is Better Because It’s Homemade

Another classic soup that is warm and delicious for the winter is split pea soup. TikToker @downshiftology believes this is a nostalgic dish that is best when it’s made fresh at home, instead of bought at a store. If you’ve got some leftover ham from your holiday party, this is the perfect chance for you to use it. However, there are also vegan split pea soup recipes that don’t require any meat at all.

9. This Shrimp Wonton Soup Is So Fresh

While you could always just buy shrimp wontons at the store, this recipe from TikToker @cookwithdana shows you how to make them homemade for a fresh shrimp wonton soup. This may require more than just one pot to cook, but it’s worth it for the flavors. Of course, if you don’t have that much time or want something quick and easy for lunch, try this 10-minute soup recipe with frozen wontons.

10. This French Onion Soup Is For Cheese Lovers

French onion soup is another fave, because it has everything you need — bread, cheese, and onions. This recipe from TikToker @gilliehouston shows you how to make it all from scratch, including adding the slice baguette and cheese to cook on top. Since this is your soup to make, you can definitely pile on the cheese to your liking. For example, this French Onion Soup recipe uses three cups of gruyere cheese with fresh parmesan as well.

11. This Lemon Chicken Soup Is A Beloved Greek Dish

You really can’t go wrong with a chicken soup in the winter, and this lemon chicken recipe is also great for when you’re feeling under the weather, according to TikToker @lucysallysommer. This is actually the recipe for an authentic Greek avgolemono soup, which involves beating in egg yolks to get its creamy texture.

12. This Hearty Winter Vegetable Soup Just Takes 20 Minutes

You can always make a nice soup with any leftover vegetables in your kitchen, but for a specific recipe, TikToker @wendyg_official has this winter vegetable soup. It only takes 20 minutes to make by letting it simmer on your stove. Then, enjoy it chunky or blended up like she does. For some added protein, you could also include shredded chicken for a seasonal chicken and veggie soup.

13. This Sweet Potato Soup Is Spicy

This sweet potato soup from TikToker @chloeevegan may look like a butternut squash or tomato-based soup from its color, but it gets all its vibrancy from the sweet potatoes, capsicum, and red curry paste. The capsicum, or chili pepper, is what gives this soup its heat, so it’ll definitely help you warm up on extra cold days. However, you can go with a more mild sweet potato soup like this one from Yummly that has coconut milk instead.

14. This Cheeseburger Soup Has Everything In One Bowl

Cheeseburgers have been having a moment on TikTok with smash burger tacos, but this recipe from TikToker @cookinginthemidwest shows you how to make cheeseburger soup. Basically, you can have cheeseburgers as burgers, tacos, or soup, depending on what you’re craving. Throw everything in your slow cooker on game day, and have cheeseburgers while watching football. To stay on theme, garnish your soup with a pickle slice like this recipe from Yummly.

15. This Nacho Soup Can Be Made In Your Slow Cooker

Any dish you love could essentially be a soup. For example, this nacho soup recipe from TikToker @mrsalisonjackson takes everything you would normally put on top of tortilla chips, and puts them in a slow cooker with some milk instead. Voila, you have nacho soup. Just add some crushed tortilla chips on top, like in this nacho soup recipe, for a crunchy garnish.

16. This Cheesy Potato Soup Is Loaded With Goodness

This recipe from TikToker @heresyourbite is basically a soup version of a loaded baked potato. It’s topped with cheddar cheese, sour cream, bacon, and green onions, but you can always just keep it simple with a scallion garnish.

17. This Duck Ramen Looks Professional

For more seasoned home chefs, you may want to challenge yourself. This duck ramen from TikToker @feelingtastyy looks like it belongs in a Michelin star restaurant. While it does have a few more steps than just placing your ingredient in a slow cooker, @feelingtastyy breaks down this recipe so it’s easy to follow. Even new cooks could handle it. If you’re not ready for duck ramen, though, you can always start with a simple homemade ramen recipe.

18. This Cheddar Cauliflower Chowder is Topped With Homemade Croutons

A cheesy cauliflower chowder is a great alternative to a loaded baked potato soup if you’re looking for something that’s low carb. This recipe from TikToker @haileecatalano is simple with cheddar and homemade croutons on top, but you can always add in some bacon or green onions. This cheesy cauliflower soup has a kick to it with some cayenne pepper, so feel free to make it your own.

19. This Thai Curry Soup Is Sweet, Savory, And Sour

TikToker @nutrientmatters says this Thai curry soup is sweet, savory, and sour, so if you’re not sure what you’re in the mood for, go with something that has every flavor profile. While this Thai curry soup does require a lot of ingredients, everything except for the shredded chicken and can go into one pot. This was save you time cleaning up afterwards.

20. This Creamy Tomato Soup Is A Classic

Another soup everyone should know how to make is tomato. It’s as classic as chicken noodle soup, and nostalgic with a grilled cheese on the side. This tomato soup recipe (with over 3.1M likes) is also picky eater-approved, according to TikToker @myhealthydish, which means pretty much anyone you make it for will like it. It’s creamy, delicious, and can be served with some cheesy croutons on top.

21. This Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup Will Make You Feel Better

There’s nothing better than a bowl of chicken noodle soup when you’re feeling ill, and TikToker @delishaas says this is his “feel better soup.” It’s for when you’re not feeling great during the cold winter months, but can also be enjoyed whenever you’re craving something delicious. What makes this recipe different than a basic chicken noodle soup is it’s a little creamier, and is topped with sour cream, crackers, and balsamic glaze. If you’re in a rush, there’s also a 10-minute chicken noodle soup recipe you can make in your Crock-Pot or you can try Alix Earle’s go-to blended chicken noodle soup for something unique.

22. This Vegetarian Chili Has A Hack That Makes It Easy To Cook

Chili is a great soup for the winter, because it’s so hearty and delicious. If you’re a vegetarian, TikToker @liveeatlearn has this 20-minute chili recipe that is great for a quick lunch break. The secret to making it so fast is not draining out your ingredients from the can, and using that liquid instead of extra broth. Another hack that @liveeatlearn shares is to take a cup of your soup out to blend together and add back in. This makes your chili extra thick. For anyone who isn’t a vegetarian, feel free to add in some ground beef like in this chili recipe.

23. This Mushroom Soup Is Super Comforting

Mushroom fans will want to make this soup from TikToker @themodernproper ASAP. It looks amazing and so creamy. She says this mushroom soup is great for the winter, because of how comforting it is. Just don’t forget to make some homemade crusty bread on the side for dipping.

24. This Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup Deserves The Spotlight

TikToker @cassyeungmoney says that Taiwanese beef noodle soup should be as popular as pho and ramen, because it’s just as delicious. If you’re a fan of either of those soups, try making this recipe. While she uses a pressure cooker for 40 minutes, if you don’t have one, she recommends letting it simmer for three hours after bringing it to a boil and covering it. There’s also this instant pot Taiwanese beef noodle soup recipe that takes less than two hours.

25. This Roasted Broccoli And Feta Soup Is Like Another Viral Recipe

TikTok’s baked feta pasta is one of the most viral recipes on the FYP, and this roasted broccoli soup from TikToker @ketorecipes is made almost the same way. Just add your broccoli and other ingredients into a pot with a block of feta cheese, and cook in the oven for about 30 minutes. Once that’s done, add your bone broth, bring it to the simmer, and blend. It’s that simple.

26. This Viral Chicken Soup Recipe With Homemade Noodles

TikTok chef Tineke Younger — aka Tini — has gone viral for her mac and cheese recipe that has over 9.9M likes, so you can trust her chicken noodle soup is just as good. This recipe shows you how to make everything from scratch, even the noodles. While Tini likes a wide egg noodle, you can make chicken soup with any noodle you prefer.

27. This Spicy White Bean Stew That Is New York Times-Approved

Looking for a stew? The New York Times has this spicy white bean stew that TikToker @ieatsthefoods is sharing on the FYP that you’ll want to try. It has broccoli rabe, and is topped with parsley, feta, and a perfectly soft boiled egg.

28. This Finnish Salmon Soup Is Great For Cold Days

You might not think of salmon right away when you think of soup, but TikToker @la.cuisine.de.geraldine is sharing this Finnish salmon soup recipe that you’ll want to try right away. It’s great for seafood lovers, and will keep you warm on cold days. Lohikeitto, as it’s called in Finland, is also a one-pot recipe, so it’s easy to clean up as well.

29. This Lobster Bisque Is Easier To Make Than You Think

Another seafood soup that’s popular and will warm you up in the winter is a lobster bisque. This recipe from TikToker @rappingchef is fun to follow along with, because he raps the instructions. Of course, if you need things written down, you can always follow this lobster bisque recipe that’s extra creamy.

30. This Broccoli Cheddar Soup May Be Better Than Panera

Panera’s broccoli cheddar soup is delicious, and you can definitely follow a copycat recipe for that at home. However, this broccoli cheddar soup from TikToker @cookingwithjassrenee may be even better. She uses paprika and crushed red pepper to give her soup a little spice, which is definitely welcome in the winter.

31. This Zuppa Toscana Is An Olive Garden Dupe

Instead of going to Olive Garden, you can make this zuppa toscana dupe from TikToker @finessedbydiamond at home. She says it’s even better than Olive Garden’s recipe, and the best part is you can have it whenever you’re craving it. So, it really is endless soup. You just need some homemade breadsticks on the side.

32. This 15 Bean Soup Has Rave Reviews On TikTok

Bean soups have had a moment on TikTok thanks to @vibingranolamom’s high-iron recipe. While @vibingranolamom’s comments sparked controversy, TikToker @victimofboredom’s recipe for a 15 bean soup received a lot of praise. One user even said this recipe “tasted like heaven in a bowl.” For some exact measurements for your slow cooker 15 bean soup with ham, follow along with this recipe.

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32 Delicious Soup Recipes That'll Keep You Cozy All Winter Long (2024)
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