8 Best Travel Trailers for Half-Ton Trucks (2024)

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Just to clear things up, a half-ton truck isn’t a truck that weighs 1,000 lbs. It’s a truck with a half-ton payload, and it also happens to be one of the most popular trucks in America. That means there is a whole bunch of travel trailers for half-ton trucks to explore.

Of course, you can’t just throw any old travel trailer on there. Half-ton pickups have limitations, and you must know them to stay safe on the road. That’s why we did most of the leg work for you finding the best travel trailers for half-ton trucks.

For instance, the article you are viewing perfectly combines half-ton topic mastery, matching your half-ton truck with 8 of the best travel trailers designed for your RVing pleasure. But first, knowing where the phrase “half-tons” stand regarding specs is always a good idea.

What is a ½ Ton Truck?

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A half-ton truck simply means that the truck in question has a 1,000-lbs. payload. The problem is, that’s not what it means, at least not anymore. That’s because modern half-ton trucks are more than capable of carrying more than 1,000 lbs.

It’s a term that’s simply a holdover from decades ago when half-ton described how much weight you could toss in the bed. The Nissan Titan, Ford F-150, Toyota Tundra, Chevy Silverado 1500, and Dodge Ram 1500 are great examples of modern, half-ton trucks.

What Does Half-Ton Towable Mean?

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Modern “half-ton” trucks have completely outgrown the term’s original meaning. Back in the 1940s, a “half-ton” truck could carry 1,000 lbs. The term stuck, and it’s still with us today, regardless of the truck’s actual payload capacity. Fortunately, the term is usually enough that even non-truck enthusiasts have a general idea of what kind of truck you mean.

In the RV world, when a towable trailer had a “half-ton” categorization, it originally meant that the travel trailer was half-ton truck towable. Today that’s not necessarily true. In many cases, it’s another way of saying it’s a lighter-weight RV compared to others. The weight category sits between the “lightweight” label and a full-weight travel trailer.

For example, Keystone’s Cougar Series has the regular Cougars and the Cougar Half-Ton travel trailers. All but the smallest Cougar Half-Tons can’t be safely towed by pickup trucks in the 150/1500 Series. But each of those Cougar models is lighter than their full-weight counterparts.

What Size Travel Trailer Can a Half-Ton Truck Pull?

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Depending on the half-ton truck, it can haul anywhere between 7,000 and 14,000 lbs. A travel trailer between 25-35 ft. typically falls within those weight constraints, even when fully loaded. The “fully loaded” (or Gross Vehicle Weight Capacity- GVWR) term is important. It means you should calculate passengers, gear, the holding tank water, and as well.

Now that we have acquainted you with the antiquated history of the half-ton truck, we can get to the main event—the 8 best travel trailers for half-ton trucks.

8 Best Travel Trailers for Half-Ton Trucks

Half-tons are outstanding trucks, and they carry some serious weight behind them. Travel trailer manufacturers understand the popularity of half-ton trucks, so there is more than a half-ton of them (weak pun intended).

1. East to West Della Terra 250BH – An RV That Defies Logic

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8 Best Travel Trailers for Half-Ton Trucks (5)
8 Best Travel Trailers for Half-Ton Trucks (6)

Pros and Cons:

King bed, full-size bunks, and RV outdoor kitchen all combined without slides

May feel a tad stuffy for large families

  • UVW: 5,319 lbs.
  • Tongue Weight: 715 lbs.
  • Length: 31.1 ft.
  • GVWR: 7,715 lbs.
  • CCC: 2,396 lbs.
  • Sleep: 2-10

If you’ve ever seen Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, there’s a scene where Harry crawls into a small tent only to emerge inside a massive canvas that could hold a small circus. This is the defining aspect of the East to West Della Terra 250BH.

Most think that non-slide-out travel trailers for half-ton trucks are too narrow and hard to use. Yet East to West managed to cram in two full-size bunks, a king-size bed, a jack knife sofa, a booth dinette, shower, tub, toilet, and a full kitchen inside and out.With all of this, the center aisle is surprisingly wide.

It’s a modern masterpiece of ingenuity in making the most of available space. It sleeps up to 10 people if that tells you anything. The Master bedroom seals off from the rest if you want some privacy.

The added touch of Bluetooth and HDMI connectivity keeps everyone connected, whether you’re enjoying the outside kitchen amenities or lounging in one of the many beds.

2. Ember Touring Edition 28MBH

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8 Best Travel Trailers for Half-Ton Trucks (8)
8 Best Travel Trailers for Half-Ton Trucks (9)

Pros and Cons:

Touring Edition models come with a nice front locker

Touring Edition uses the Coleman Mach over the Truma Aventa A/C

The Ember Touring Edition 28MBH is ideal for boondocking since it comes with a 200-watt solar roof panel and a 2,000-watt inverter. On top of that, these travel trailers have built-in support for a series of lithium-ion batteries.

For the tech enthusiasts, you get the EmberLink Smart RV Control System, an LED HDTV, and a built-in Bluetooth soundbar. It’s a one-bathroom model, but it has a spacey standing shower, a sink, and a toilet in the full bathroom.

Adjacent to the bathroom is a double-over-double bunk bed arrangement. All of this sits opposite a queen-size Murphy bed in the Master bedroom.

3. Forest River Alpha Wolf 26RL-L: 5th-Wheel Style Travel Trailer

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8 Best Travel Trailers for Half-Ton Trucks (11)
8 Best Travel Trailers for Half-Ton Trucks (12)

Pros and Cons:

Accommodates those who want a fifth-wheel style but lack the setup

Bathroom door swings out in front of the entranceway

  • UVW: 7,088 lbs.
  • Tongue Weight: 740 lbs.
  • Length: 34.5 ft.
  • GVWR: 8,900 lbs.
  • CCC: 1,812 lbs.
  • Sleep: 2-4

It’s not often you get an island in a travel trailer kitchen, and that’s the least of what the Forest River Alpha Wolf 26RL-L offers. While it’s not a fifth wheel by any means, it has the stylings of one. Travel trailers for half-ton trucks like this may be enough to satiate those looking for a fifth-wheel option without the towing capability.

The kitchen is huge and spacious, with the aforementioned island adjacent to the theater seating, TV, and fireplace. The bathroom is also plenty spacious, with a toilet, standing shower, and sink. It’s also a walkthrough to the Master Bedroom, which has a closing door for privacy.

The dual-opposing slides give the kitchen its large appeal, and the massive rear window adds to the camper’s sense of space and airiness.

4. Jayco Eagle HT 284 BHOK

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8 Best Travel Trailers for Half-Ton Trucks (14)
8 Best Travel Trailers for Half-Ton Trucks (15)

Pros and Cons:

7 ft. height, which is fantastic in a non-fifth-wheel travel trailer

This travel trailer will need a heavy tow package

  • UVW: 8,040 lbs.
  • Tongue Weight: 930 lbs.
  • Length:34.11 ft.
  • GVWR: 9,995 lbs.
  • CCC: 1,955 lbs.
  • Sleep: 2-10

The Jayco Eagle HT 284BHOK is all about the space, and it starts with the immense bathroom space, with a large, standing shower, toilet, and a sink with a long, wrap-around countertop.

They still managed to include an incredible amount of storage space, a residential queen-size bed, double-size bunk beds, and theater seating adjacent to a booth-seating dinette.

Of course, what would a 284BHOK be without an RV outside kitchen? The outside kitchen sits under a large, retractable awning and includes a counter for a gas stove, with a sink, countertops, a mini fridge, and two drawers.

5. Keystone RV Fuzion Impact Edition 25V

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8 Best Travel Trailers for Half-Ton Trucks (17)
8 Best Travel Trailers for Half-Ton Trucks (18)

Pros and Cons:

15 ft. garage area for toy hauling

Gen prep is located under the Master bed

  • UVW: 7,040 lbs.
  • Tongue Weight: 1,015 lbs.
  • Length: 28.10 ft.
  • GVWR: 9,800 lbs.
  • CCC: 2,760 lbs.
  • Sleep:

It’s always good to see a manufacturer that can play both sides of the aisle. Keystone created a toy hauler that converts into dual-opposing couches once you’ve hauled your ATV out the back.

For all the space a toy hauler requires, you would think there wouldn’t be room for much else. But the Keystone RV Fuzion Impact Edition 25V managed to cram a full bathroom in there with a tub/shower, toilet, and sink.

The slide fits a queen-size bed with a dresser and closet. The spacious kitchen includes all the amenities you expect in a solid travel trailer setup. Panoramic windows and a top-line Omni-Chill A/C system are included as well.

6. KZ RV Sportsmen SE 301DBSE

8 Best Travel Trailers for Half-Ton Trucks (19)
8 Best Travel Trailers for Half-Ton Trucks (20)
8 Best Travel Trailers for Half-Ton Trucks (21)
8 Best Travel Trailers for Half-Ton Trucks (22)

Pros and Cons:

Dual-opposing queen beds in two master bedrooms

Entertainment center is 90° from the sofa

  • UVW: 6,150 lbs.
  • Tongue Weight: 880 lbs.
  • Length: 32.10 ft.
  • GVWR: 8,000 lbs.
  • CCC: 1,850 lbs.
  • Sleep: 2-8

Who could argue with dual-opposing queen-size beds, each in their own space? If you need more than one bedroom in your travel trailer, the KZ RV Sportsmen SE 301DBSE was made for you.

The slides include a six-and-a-half-foot U-Dinette, along with a 64-inch sofa. There’s also a kitchen with full amenities, a massive, and a standing shower in a sizeable bathroom.

The Sportsmen SE includes a large 16-foot awning over an exterior kitchen. The pass-through storage is also an extra treat, and it runs beneath the bedroom near the hitch.

7. Lance 2465 Travel Trailer

8 Best Travel Trailers for Half-Ton Trucks (23)

Pros and Cons:

The bedroom desk works for two remote workers or a lot of equipment!

The commode only passes the left elbow test.

  • UVW: 6,830 lbs.
  • Tongue Weight: 930 lbs.
  • Length: 29.10 ft.
  • GVWR: 8,900 lbs.
  • CCC: 2,075 lbs.
  • Sleep: 2-5

If there’s one thing that Lance knows how to do, it’s producing travel trailers for 1/2 ton trucks with a whole lot of premium appeal. The price is a little steeper, but you know what you’re getting is a quality product.

For instance, the TVs in the Lance 2465 auto-slide out of the desks and walls. Speaking of desks, the master bedroom holds a long desk perfect for remote workers or putting makeup on in the morning. If you’re a gamer, replace the existing TV with a gaming monitor, and you’re gold.

The biggest feature of the Lance 2465 is its number of configurable options. There’s enough space to build a respectable solar structure for boondocking. The TVs are optional. The fireplace is optional. The steps are optional. Everything is an option you can do without but are right there when needed.

8. Winnebago Minnie 2630MLRK

8 Best Travel Trailers for Half-Ton Trucks (24)
8 Best Travel Trailers for Half-Ton Trucks (25)
8 Best Travel Trailers for Half-Ton Trucks (26)

Pros and Cons:

The pull-out table top adds dining and meal prep counter space

Mattresses are a shade on the thin side

  • UVW: 6,394 lbs.
  • Tongue Weight: 602 lbs.
  • Length: 30 ft.
  • GVWR: 8,800 lbs.
  • CCC: 2,406 lbs.
  • Sleep: 2-8

Where would we be, as a society, without the Winnebago Minnie? It’s honestly hard to say. Winnebago is a premium name, and its products are often unimpeachable. The interior of the 2630MLRK is more interesting than the others, with long kitchen countertops and a pull-out table by the entrance. RV chefs will enjoy this travel trailer for 1/2 ton trucks.

A televator conceals an HDTV with multiple cubby holes and cabinets for additional storage. Regarding storage, it’s hard to find more storage options on a travel trailer this size. You won’t have any issues packing for a long journey.

5 Things to Look for in a Half-Ton Towable RV

Your half-ton truck can probably carry a good deal. You first need to know how much it can safely tow. Then you need to understand the various elements of a travel trailer and how that applies to your half-ton’s capabilities.

1. GVWR vs. UVW

If the total weight of your gear exceeds the GVWR of the travel trailer, you’re shaking your fist at a dangerous fate. It’s not enough to know what your truck can haul when you only compare it to the UVW. You need to compare it with the GVWR.

UVW is the dry weight of the travel trailer, exactly what it weighs when it clears the last hurdle on the assembly line.

GVWR is a weight limit you can’t safely exceed once all your gear is stored, accessories packed, and tanks are filled. It’s the more important weight when matched against your half-ton’s capabilities. In fact, you want to keep your total weight at 80% below the GVWR.

2. Length

8 Best Travel Trailers for Half-Ton Trucks (27)

The longest travel trailer for 1/2 ton trucks on this list is nearly 35 feet. We wouldn’t have put it on the list if it were dangerous to tow with a half-ton truck. Just remember, when you’re getting into lengths that high, the small window between dry weight and your half-ton’s towing capacity becomes smaller and smaller.

You don’t want to purchase a travel trailer with a dry weight so close to your truck’s capability that simply tossing your backpack on the trailer exceeds the limits of your truck.

3. Tongue Weight

The tongue weight is the measurement of the downward force from the tongue of the travel trailer on the hitch of your half-ton truck. Too little, and your travel trailer is prone to fishtailing. Too much, and it presses down on the truck’s back tires, raising the front tires.

Just because your travel trailer for 1/2 ton trucks has a tongue weight of 900 lbs. doesn’t mean it will stay that way. That’s what it is in a bubble, with no outside factors. Front loading your travel trailer increases that 900 lbs. Rear loading your travel trailer lowers the 900 lbs.

4. Sleeping Capacity

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry too much about this issue too much. There are plenty of travel trailers for half-ton trucks that can sleep as many as you can cram in the cab.

5. Amenities

8 Best Travel Trailers for Half-Ton Trucks (28)

It’s always a good idea to do your homework on the amenities. Have a list ready of what amenities you need, want but can live without, and must avoid helping narrow down your search.These lists will save a lot of time and keep you on track when searching for the best travel trailer for 1/2 ton trucks you desire.

FAQs About Half-Ton Towable Travel Trailers

Does a Half-Ton Towable Fifth-Wheel Exist?

Half-ton towable fifth-wheels sure do exist, though there aren’t many models available. There’s the Palomino Puma 255RKS, the Jayco Eagle HT 24RE, the KZ Durango Half-Ton D230RKD, and more. You just have to be very careful about your towing capacity. Many claim their half-ton towable, but you may need to special order a new truck with a heavy-duty tow package.

How Much Do Half-Ton Towable RVs Cost?

8 Best Travel Trailers for Half-Ton Trucks (29)

Half-ton travel trailer prices range anywhere between $25k and $75k, depending on what you want and what comes with it.

Can You Double Tow With a Half-Ton Truck?

It’s possible, but you must be careful about the tongue weight and the towing capacity of the half-ton truck. Also, several states have strict regulations on double towing, regardless of the pulling vehicle.

How Do You Know Your Vehicle’s Payload Capacity?

To get the payload capacity, you need to know the GVWR and the curb weight. GVWR is Gross Vehicle Weight Rating while the curb weight is the truck’s weight when empty but with all of its fluids (including fuel). Subtract curb weight from GVWR, and you have your payload capacity.

What’s The Biggest Camper I Can Pull With a ½ Ton Truck?

8 Best Travel Trailers for Half-Ton Trucks (30)

Half-ton trucks can tow 14,000 lbs. using a heavy-duty tow package. Standard half-ton pickups are safe between 8,000-9,000 lbs. You also want to consider the mass of the travel trailer you want to hitch up.

Your truck may be able to tow the weight, but a long trailer that starts swaying too much can throw a truck off the road.

Final Thoughts on Travel Trailers for Half-Ton Pickups

Half-tons are a misnomer, and they certainly aren’t the trucks of the 1940s. F-150s and 1500s have a much higher payload capacity and can tow more than their namesakes imply. Now that you know what they’re capable of, there’s no reason to wait any longer for that dream travel trailer for 1/2-ton trucks.

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8 Best Travel Trailers for Half-Ton Trucks (31)
8 Best Travel Trailers for Half-Ton Trucks (2024)
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