Ballistic Advantage Vs Criterion (2024)

1. Alternatives to Criterion? | Sniper's Hide Forum

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  • Looking into building a RECCE AR15 using a 13.9" Criterion. Have been recommended Roscoe, BA, and Proof Research on the high end. Would like to keep the rifle barrel between 13.7 - 14.5" and looking to get under MOA at 100y with 77gr factory ammo it likes. Plan on taking it out to 600 yards max...

Alternatives to Criterion? | Sniper's Hide Forum

2. Criterion barrel wait times - Forums

  • 9 jan 2022 · The Criterion has a Chrome-lined, Phosphate finish while the Ballistic Advantage Hanson is QPQ. If going with a 12.3" Hanson, the gas journal is ...

  • Hello, not sure if this is correct place to post. But I was wondering if anyone has any info to if criterion is accurate with their current lead times? A 11.5 core barrel states it at a 1-2 month lead time which isn’t bad. But would hate to order and it end up taking a lot longer. I get things happen, but figured I’d ask before tossing my name in line. Thanks!

3. AR15 Barrel advise - Weapon Discussions & Classifieds

  • 30 mrt 2023 · For me Faxon and Ballistic advantage for budget builds. Criterion or Daniel Defense for defensive builds, Rainier ultramatch, proof research ...

  • Can someone tell me who makes a really nice AR15 barrel and where to buy? I am looking to upgrade my barrel. The one I have is a 16" heavy that came with the gun from Hanover Armory. It has to be a heavy barrel since I live in MD. I would be ok with 16" or 18". I would like it to be...

4. I'm absolutely lost on what barrel to go with...Noveske, DD, Centurion...

5. Barrel FAQs - Ballistic Advantage

  • Machined from CrMoV Steel and feature a QPQ corrosion resistant finish and QPQ coated M4 feed ramp extension. Watch a video about our Modern Series AR barrel: ...

  • Do you have a question about Barrels? Come look at our FAQ page to see if we can help you with what you're wondering about! Click here to learn more!

6. criterion | Sniper's Hide Forum

  • The 12" MLOK rail is branded Ballistic Advantage but is clearly an Aero OEM rail. . ... White Oak barrels vs Faxon MATCH & Criterion. I've ... Barrel(s): Criterion ...

criterion | Sniper's Hide Forum

7. Gun Barrels for Sale - Milspec Retail

  • Brand. Swatch image Ballistic AdvantageBallistic Advantage 17; Black River Tactical (BRT)Black River Tactical (BRT) 5; CriterionCriterion 16; Swatch image ...


8. Gas port sizes - Google Docs

  • Ballistic Advantage, Modern Series Government, 10.5 ... of 4), 16, Carbine, 0.058, Third party, 1/8/2013. Lucky Gunner ( ...

  • Gas port sizes Timestamp,What is the brand of the barrel?,If this brand has multiple barrel lines, what line is this barrel from?,What is the approximate barrel length in inches?,What is the gas system?,What size is the gas port in inches?,What was the source of information?,What date was this i...

Gas port sizes - Google Docs

9. Criterion 12.5″ SBR Core Series Chrome Lined 223 Wylde Barrel

  • Criterion 12.5″ SBR Core Series Chrome Lined 223 Wylde Barrel – Carbine Gas ... Criterion's CORE Series ... Ballistic Advantage 16″ 5.56 Performance Series ...

  • The CORE Series helps you handle real-world applications by maintaining exceptional performance and rugged reliability during hard use.

Criterion 12.5″ SBR Core Series Chrome Lined 223 Wylde Barrel

10. Criterion Barrels, 416R Straight Taper Blank, 31.0” Length, 1.250 ... - RDSC

  • Ballistic Advantage · Battle Arms Development · Bravo Company USA · BSF Barrels · Criterion Barrels · Daniel Defense · Faxon Firearms · JP Enterprises · Live Q ...

  • Criterion Barrels is well known for its wide selection of premium match grade rifle barrels. Many in the firearm industry are unaware that the majority of our capacity is allocated toward OEM services for a wide range of premium rifle and barrel manufactu

Criterion Barrels, 416R Straight Taper Blank, 31.0” Length, 1.250 ... - RDSC

11. Criterion barrels??? - 6.5 Grendel Forum

  • 25 nov 2019 · Criterion 22 in hbar. Saturn 22in. Ballistic Advantage 20 in. I would probably put my money on the criterion over the ballistic advantage. I ...

  • What is the consensus on these 22? HBAR barrels? Please give me some feedback from users of this barrel. It will be used target and hunting handlods.

12. Rosco vs Ballistic advantage 12.5 | The Outdoors Trader

  • 4 sep 2022 · 223 and its very good! On my 12.5 I have a criterion core .223 wylde 1/8 it seems a little more accurate than the BA but both are neck and neck.

  • Looking for some information on two brands. Looking to build a 12.5 AR and have been looking at these two brands. I know a lot of people here approve of ballistic advantage but have looked I to Rosco. Wanted to see if any had experience with them and comparison between the two.

Rosco vs Ballistic advantage 12.5 | The Outdoors Trader

13. Hanson Barrel Series - Ballistic Advantage

  • "BA Hanson Series Barrels provide a lightweight feel without lightweight limitations. Every barrel in the BA Hanson Series was designed specifically to its ...

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Ballistic Advantage Vs Criterion (2024)
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